About Us

SanusPharm.com has a collection of brands all geared around health. Sanus in latin means healthy and our goal is to be your trusted partner for all your health needs. We strive to help empower you to be your healthiest self. We understand that being healthy goes beyond just taking products. It is a lifestyle commitment which includes a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, including select brands can help provide the necessary ingredients your diet and exercise may not offer. 

WynnPharm's New E-Commerce Store 

As of January 2022, all WynnPharm products will be sold through SanusPharm.com, a new e-commerce store dedicated in providing a full category of health and wellness products. Customers can now enjoy not only WynnPharm select products, but also additional brands that can help promote a healthy lifestyle. WynnPharm customers will still have access to their order history and account details through SanusPharm. You can proceed as you normally do. For more information, please contact us directly at 1-800-214-9600 or via email at info@wynnpharm.com.