Intibella - Feminine Wash

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A delicate pH balance is needed in the vaginal ecosystem to help protect your most intimate area. An imbalance of pH can cause some unwanted symptoms such as bacteria to grow, irritation, odor, itchiness and even infections. Many may not realize but the vaginal pH can be altered in so many ways; by tampons, sex, pregnancy, and menopause. Having a quality feminine wash product can help ensure your intimate area is protected, maintained and refreshed.  

Intibella’s unique formulation helps manage a healthy pH balance while helping to clean, refresh, and prevent itchiness & discomfort.Intibella contains bisabolol, oat extract, essential oil of thyme, lactic acid, and provitamin B5 which helps protect against bacteria. Intibella was developed to promote daily personal hygiene for your most sensitive and intimate areas.